Victor sees the common thread of transformation and disruption as the proliferation of data at the speed of light or the "democratization of information". In 1999, he was an angel investor in an online Australian stockbroking start-up while starting up 3 dotcoms in venture investing, real time dynamic pricing, and interactive advertising – all of which were mothballed in the aftermath of the dotcom bust.

In 2001, he developed the concept of wealth management by combining insurance and investment needs in a new start-up called "The Wealth Management Group" ensconced in the stockbroking firm where he was an Executive Director. He grew the business from scratch to over 150 financial advisor representatives and obtained an asset management licence in 2003, growing AUM from zero to over US$350 million by 2007.

Through many market booms and busts including the 1997/1998 Asian Financial Crisis and the 2007/2008 Global Financial Crisis, he became convinced that the alpha style chase for returns was limited as markets became more correlated through a flatter financial information landscape brought about by the internet. Exchange traded securities became less "nationalistic" as globalization accelerated while digital technologies made liquidity the key differentiator of where investors gather. The real need was to manage risks before chasing returns. This required tracking vast amounts of data which was beyond the human realm.

In insurance, he saw plenty of risk data, but none were real time. In healthcare, he saw how costs could have been avoided had intervention taken place earlier to reduce or transfer risks. He saw how costs were bloated due to human inefficiencies and the lack of data transparency. In 2014, he was asked to turn around an insurance business. Together with the incumbent team, the business saw record profits and was acquired by FWD Group, the insurance arm of the Pacific Century private investment group in 2016, whereupon he was asked by FWD to leverage his experience to develop digital wealth management capabilities.

Today, affordable massive computing power and real-time data allows for better risk management in investing globally. New low-cost products such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) can now replicate costly mutual funds or unit trust products. Yet ETFs have yet to take off in Asia although it is increasingly popular in the USA and Europe. This may not be surprising when one considers the high fees that traditional products earn for financial intermediaries. With over US$60 billion in retail unit trusts in Singapore alone, and over US$2 billion in investment-linked insurance premiums, PIVOT can create value by offering intelligent, risk-focused & low-cost investments.
Powered with AI and machine learning, SqSave designs personalized global portfolios for you, monitors the markets 24/7, and rebalances your portfolio aiming for the highest return possible for your risk profile. With SqSave, anyone can invest. No knowledge. No complex decisions. Just know yourself.


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Press Releases


SquirrelSave Intellectual Property Affirmed

1 Oct 2019, Singapore & Beijing – SquirrelSave has received written acknowledgement from Xuanji Intelligence (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. (“Xuanji”) in reference to the Digital Asset Allocation System (“DAAS”) which is the subject of the Technical Services Agreement dated 18 Sep 2018 entered into by Xuanji and Pivot Fintech Pte Ltd (201716150D) (“PIVOT”), that all rights, titles and interests in and to, and legal and beneficial ownership of the DAAS, including all products, software, rights and intellectual property thereof, are the sole property of PIVOT.

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Singapore-based PIVOT FINTECH wins Growth Stage Pitch Award in New York City

10 November 2018 (Singapore) -- After deliberation by anonymous judges and distinguished panelists present at the event, Singapore-based startup PIVOT Fintech was declared the second-place winner by Silicon Valley-based OneTraction VC at its inaugural Growth Stage Awards held in New York City on 1st November 2018.

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Pivot Fintech To Develop AI Machine Learning Investing Services For Leading Malaysian Investment Firm

5 March 2018 (Singapore) -- Singapore-based artificial intelligence startup PIVOT Fintech (“PIVOT”) has received a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) from a leading Malaysian asset management firm to launch AI-driven investment management services.

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PINTEC launches Singapore-based PIVOT to offer digital wealth management technology services in Southeast Asia

(Beijing) 12 October 2017 -- PINTEC Group ("PINTEC"), a leading fintech player in China, today announced the launch of PIVOT Fintech Pte. Ltd. ("PIVOT"), to offer digital wealth management technology services powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning throughout Southeast Asia from its base in Singapore. It's the first time that a Chinese robo-advisory company has developed its business outside of China.

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PINTEC raises US$103 million and announces partnership with China's Sina Weibo to leverage its massive social media base for fintech opportunities.

BEIJING, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PINTEC, a leading independent technology platform enabling financial services in China, today announced that the company has raised US$103 million in financing led by Mandra Capital and SINA Corp., which was joined by STI Financial Group, Shunwei Capital Partners and ZHONG Capital Holding Group, among others.

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