We are an experienced professional investment team, led by seasoned corporate entrepreneurs.



Our AI & Machine Learning algorithms go beyond human inefficiencies to work for you, anywhere, anytime.

Get your personalized globally diversified investment portfolio in minutes

Today, massive computing power & real-time data allow machines to design, track & rebalance investment portfolios using latest market information. It replaces human bias in market timing by predicting & learning in real time, 24x7. PIVOT offers real-time dynamic asset allocation to analyse & anticipate market trends using Machine Learning algorithms to control portfolio volatility.


We focus on superior long-term risk-adjusted returns


Set up your portfolio and track your investments anywhere, anytime


Our Machine Learning algorithms predict & incorporate real-time market data to keep your investment portfolio fresh every day

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Enjoy low fees compared to traditional investments


Get a customized and bespoke portfolio in minutes


Make appointments with your personal investment advisor online


Our track record shows impressive medium to long-term risk-adjusted performance with well-controlled downside exposure during market turbulence.

We offer flexible pricing to align with your interests, including low to zero investment management fees, thereby allowing more of your savings to generate returns while managing downside risks.


Markets change all the time. Our model portfolios are machine refreshed every day. When you join PIVOT, you get an on-the-spot customized portfolio designed using the latest market data and machine predictions to match your risk profile.

PIVOT uses multidimensional risk assessment to understand your risk capacity & loss aversion.

Get your personalized globally diversified investment portfolio in minutes

Machines process more data, recognize past patterns & predict market changes faster than any human. Hence, machines are better than humans at investment risk management which requires tracking vast amounts of data in real time, 24x7.


Trusted & Transparent

We have passed rigorous regulatory & business scrutiny.

Since 2017, our algorithm engine has gone live at mainstream financial institutions in stockbroking, banking & insurance.
Our algorithms are based on the well-known and Nobel prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory.

Get your personalized globally diversified investment portfolio in minutes

PIVOT monitors hundreds of market signals to minimize portfolio volatility and seeks returns over the medium to long term. Our trade optimization algorithms only allow transactions that make a difference to your portfolio, based on analytics of transaction costs, liquidity, volume, market timing & other factors.