What you get

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Personalized Investments with AI & Machine Learning

PIVOT designs a personalized investment portfolio to match your risk profile using our AI & Machine Learning algorithms.

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24x7 Focus on Risk-Adjusted Returns

PIVOT manages your personal portfolio 24x7 based on Nobel prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory using historical & predicted data to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns.

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Dynamic & Adaptive Asset Allocation

Markets keep changing. We rebalance your portfolio to match PIVOT’s dynamic models as predicted by our Machine Learning algorithms. We do not rebalance you back to a historical static model portfolio, reviewed periodically by people experts.

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Global Asset Diversification

Your personalized investment portfolio is diversified globally through Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or other suitable financial products.

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Real-Time Valuation

What you see is what you have, 24x7. Your PIVOT portfolio can be tracked via web or mobile in real time.

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Low Fees

Why pay high fees for inefficiency and human limitations? As we are machine driven and use efficient ETFs, we offer low investment management fees.

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Start with a Small Investment

Unlike unit trusts or investment-linked insurance products, you can start with as low as US$100 with PIVOT on a regular savings plan.

We help you invest

If you trade or speculate, find someone else.

Many say they invest. But do they?

Did they buy because someone persuaded them?
Did they buy because of “good returns”?
Did someone earn a fat commission?
What about the important things that will make the sales pitch too difficult?

Many people say they invest. What about you?

Do you care about risk?

Want to pay lower fees?

Want a personalized investment portfolio
run by an intelligent machine that never sleeps?


We are only human

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We need to rest. We get tired. Even when fresh and alert, there is a limit to our focus and attention span.

Let our AI & Machine Learning algorithms invest for you.

In financial markets today, there is information overload at the speed of light. Can you make sense of markets fast enough? Even if you can, can you decide without emotion or bias? We are only human.

Machines can compute faster than our brain. Machines have no emotion or bias.

Investing should not have emotion or bias. Gambling does.

Machines can invest better than humans. We have the machines.


We manage your risks

Optimal investing is about the best return for risks taken. It is called "Risk-Adjusted Returns".

“Alpha” investors try to beat the markets. “Beta” investors aim for market returns.

What does data tell us?

Evidence shows “alpha” investing cannot outperform consistently.^

High “alpha” fees also reduce returns.#

^ “Mutual Fund Performance Through a Five-Factor Lens”, Philipp Meyer-Brauns, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Aug 2016 studied 3,870 active funds over a 32-year period (1984 to 2015) and concluded “vast majority of active managers are unable to produce excess returns that cover their costs”.

# “The Performance of Long-Serving Fund Managers”, Andrew Clare, City University London, Sep 2016 studied 357 fund managers and found that after fees, many alpha managers barely beat benchmarks, and were below benchmarks for several years.

PIVOT uses "Smart Beta" strategies.

We deliver good Risk-Adjusted Returns consistently.


We can advise you


Get advice whenever you want it.

We are not all digital. Robots and machines cannot replace person-to-person interaction.

We work with qualified and honest financial advisors to offer you sound advice and financial planning services.