SquirrelSave Intellectual Property Affirmed

1 Oct 2019, Singapore & Beijing -– SquirrelSave has received written acknowledgement from Xuanji Intelligence (Beijing) Technology Co. Ltd. (“Xuanji”) in reference to the Digital Asset Allocation System (“DAAS”) which is the subject of the Technical Services Agreement dated 18 Sep 2018 entered into by Xuanji and Pivot Fintech Pte Ltd (201716150D) (“PIVOT”), that all rights, titles and interests in and to, and legal and beneficial ownership of the DAAS, including all products, software, rights and intellectual property thereof, are the sole property of PIVOT.

The fully AI-driven automated-investing platform was designed and built by PIVOT. In Singapore, PIVOT operates the service under the brand “SquirrelSave” which is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

PIVOT holds a Capital Markets Services licence as a Licenced Fund Management Company (“LFMC”) and can serve retail as well as Accredited Investors.

A unique feature designed by PIVOT’s Founder is the SquirrelSave Risk ProfilerTM, which is algorithm driven to capture dynamically an investor’s decision between risky and risk-free choices. Combined with the investor’s biometrics and indicated investment psychology, SquirrelSave Risk Profiler predicts the risk profile of the investor in a fun driven game environment, without technical jargon.

“I am excited that PIVOT has become a full spectrum fintech firm, with B2B and B2C capabilities. Although I had initially intended to rely on our partner in China, PIVOT has instead moved rapidly to develop its own core engineer team and designed a front-to-back automated investment system. I am grateful for the advice and support rendered by Xuanji executives in our early stage”, said Victor Lye, Founder & CEO of PIVOT.

PIVOT is busy preparing to design and build automated digital investment systems for a bank in Malaysia and is in the final stages of closing a second Malaysian financial institution.


Victor Lye Founder & CEO
Pivot Fintech

+65 66318933